[sudo-users] Sudo with SSSD !requiretty being ignored

Paul Cantle paul at cantle.me
Thu Aug 2 11:47:28 MDT 2018

Hi All,

Anyone know the reason for the following:

I’m running sudo version 1.8.19p2 which came packaged with CentOS 7.4. Running with SSSD version 1.16.0 and Active Directory schema extended to include sudo objects, etc.

Everything works fine, except for !requiretty

I can only get !requiretty to work if I add that sudoOption to the defaults container. If I add it anywhere else (specifically trying to only get monitoring users to have that option), it fails to work. Other options with the same syntax such as !authenticate work as expected.

Is this a known bug that I’ve missed in the docs or is it “by design”?


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