[sudo-users] how to change default sudo-io location; iolog_dir ; iolog_file

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at sudo.ws
Thu Dec 20 07:01:46 MST 2018

The problem with using /var/log/sudo-io/$hostname/$username/$epochtime
is that you can easily run multiple commands a second.  You will
probably need to use a mktemp-style suffix to avoid collisions.

The following works for me:

Defaults iolog_dir = /var/log/sudo-io/%{hostname}/%{user}
Defaults iolog_file = %s.XXXXXX

This will store the I/O logs in /var/log/sudo-io/$hostname/$username
where each one is named by the epoch time followed by a random
suffix to avoid collisions.

It should be supported by sudo 1.8.0 and above.

If you don't want the random suffix you can remove the XXXXXX but
if there is a collision, sudo will overwrite the old I/O log which
is probably not what you want.

 - todd

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