[sudo-users] Punching in a secure_path w/o Touching Global secure_path

Jepeway, Chris Chris.Jepeway at JTV.com
Fri Mar 16 16:20:16 MDT 2018

[I've been living in a world of Microsoft top-posted mail threads.  You have no idea how it makes my heart sing to inline comments :)]

> What I'd like to do is something like this, for various commands
>> that get installed outside the normal places, in /opt, say:
>> 	Cmnd_Alias      WHACK=/opt/whack/bin
>> 	Defaults!WHACK  secure_path=/bin:/usr/bin:/opt/whack/bin
> This is a chicken vs. egg kind of situation.
I figured it was something like this.

> I think what you really need is the ability to append to secure_path
> from an include file.
Absolutely, this was what I'd hoped for.

>  That way your per-package sudoers.d files
> could add what is needed.  Unfortunately, that's not currently
> possible.
Well...maybe I dip my toe back in some sudo development with this feature.  In a few months.

>> Me.
> - todd


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