[sudo-users] Password handling through remote SSH session

Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Wed Aug 14 21:59:59 MDT 2019

On 8/14/19 12:10 PM, Gabe Alford wrote:
> Hello,


> I have a QT application that logs into a remote machine through SSH. I 
> need to handle password authentication in sudo to run administrative 
> commands.  What's the best way of handling a password prompt remotely 
> with sudo? I would like to have the QT application just pass the 
> password to sudo in some way so there is still human interaction 
> involved. Just not sure what is the best way or if there is a 
> programatic way.

If your Qt application is doing something like expect screen scraping, 
I'm betting that it is also using a standard OpenSSH client.  (Unless 
it's using something more Qt specific or framework.)

That probably means that it's launching OpenSSH directly which means 
that there likely is not a PTY which I'm fairly certain that sudo wants.

You can pass a single "-t" to OpenSSH's client to cause it to create and 
use a PTY /if/ the client sees one locally.

You can pass two "-t"s to OpenSSH's client to cause it to create and use 
a PTY even if there isn't one locally.

Aside:  I've configured all of my OpenSSH clients to use the "-t" 
functionality because I think it helps.

I think "-t" or "-tt" will likely help your existing code to interface 
with a remote sudo.

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