[sudo-users] pwfeedback option causes "Conversation with su failed" for the KDE partition manager

John Little john.b.little at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 19:20:53 MST 2019

Starting with Kubuntu 18.04, the pwfeedback option in /etc/sudoers
causes the "Run as root -- KDE su" dialogue to fail.  (This may have
come about as a consequence of the deprecation of kdesudo, and those
systems that have been upgraded from versions that still have kdesudo
might not encounter this.)

I'm not sure this is a sudo issue, but it's good if searches find it,
as those who are affected by it may have no clue that /etc/sudoers has
anything to do with it, if it had not been changed recently.

The dialogue box shows the command as:

/usr/bin/partitionmanager --dontsu

visudo does not highlight pwfeedback as an option, perhaps it is
deprecated.  The password feedback does work for terminal sudo.

Regards, John Little

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