[sudo-users] handling of PATH, between "su - user" and "sudo --login -u user"

Cobrin Steve (ext) GBJH steve.cobrin at syngenta.com
Tue Jun 2 06:22:29 MDT 2020

Hi there,

I have a user "oscar" on a CentOS 7 system (sudo-1.8.23 unchanged /etc/sudoers), who I want to allow to "su" to user "oracle", so I created an alias for him in his .bashrc

	alias become="sudo --login -u"

I've created a sudoers.d/gbjh entry

	oscar	ALL=(oracle)	NOPASSWD: ALL

Now, when I log into his machine as root, and type "su - oracle" my PATH is (correctly)

	[13:01|root at gbjh:/etc]# su - oracle
	[13:01|oracle at gbjh:~]$ echo $PATH

But, when he logs in and types "become oracle", his PATH afterwards is 

	[13:00|oscar at gbjh:~]$ become oracle
	[13:00|oracle at gbjh:~]$ echo $PATH

So, /usr/local/bin has been removed from his path and replaced with /sbin

What is the best way to make sure oracle's PATH is the same however we get to it?


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