[sudo-users] handling of PATH, between "su - user" and "sudo --login -u user"

Cobrin Steve (ext) GBJH steve.cobrin at syngenta.com
Tue Jun 2 16:57:39 MDT 2020

This is CentOS 7 (equivalent of RHEL 7), it does not have any rc scripts. The account "oracle" (maybe it was a bad example) had no additional configuration in its .bashrc,  .bash_profile or /etc/profile.d/*.sh files

I can reproduce the issue with another account, testing from root

[23:27|root at gbjh:~]# su - test
[23:28|test at gbjh:~]$ echo $PATH

This is expected behaviour, but

[23:28|root at gbjh:~]# sudo --login -u test
[23:28|test at gbjh:~]$ echo $PATH
^^^^^ This is should be /usr/local/bin

My only alternative is something like
[23:37|root at gbjh:~]# sudo su - test
[23:37|scobrin at gbjh:~]$ echo $PATH

But that would require a less safe configuration in the sudoers, the creation of more processes, and the --login option should not mess with the PATH, what am I missing?

-- Steve 

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