[sudo-users] sudoedit restrict allowed file changes

LE BOUTER Leo leo.lebouter-ext at aphp.fr
Thu Mar 26 15:46:05 MDT 2020


> The other thing that I see done for things like this is some sort of
> approved config management where your user submits changes for review,
> and then said changes are automatically applied once proper approvals
> are given.

Well I'd certainly love to have my whole system under versioning with merge requests and codeowners mechanism!
This problem has been hitting me many times over, I hope to figure out something proper and great one day.

I'll sort it out with an unprivileged rsyslog this time, I think.
Can't undergo the bigger task of full ansible gitops or something on my system right now.

Thanks a lot for the help.

Leo Le Bouter
Ingenieur Securite Infrastructure
Entrepot de Donnees de Sante (WIND)

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