Program to maintain/edit 'sudoers' file?

kadokev at kadokev at
Thu Aug 31 01:46:14 EDT 2000

I have a client who uses 'sudo' to manage a network of many Solaris systems,
they keep a central master copy of the 'sudoers' file under RCS, using 'scp'
to push it out to all the hosts as needed. Very simple.

Several different people have access to modify the file, and anytime a human
can edit a configuration file, things will break. The 'sudoers-lint' utility
helps in catching some of the simple mistakes, but some still slip through.

Has anybody developed and released any tools to manage the 'sudoers' file,
providing sanity checks for changes, or perhaps even a X or Webmin GUI?

If we cannot find such an interface for free or for sale, I may be tasked
to write it. If so, the client may be willing to release source.


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