sudo-1.6.2rc1 available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Wed Jan 19 14:33:32 EST 2000

Sudo version 1.6.2 release candidate 1 is now available from:

Summary of changes from sudo 1.6.1:

 o Better behavior for -l and -v flags in conjunction with NOPASSWD.
   Behavior is configurable via the new "verifypw" and "listpw"
   run-time options.

 o Fixed compilation problems with K&R compilers.

 o During netgroup host matching, match against the short version of
   the hostname as well as the long one (if they are different).

 o Terminate passwd reading on '\r' in addition to '\n'.

 o Visudo used to loop endlessly if a user entered ^D at the whatnow
   prompt.  EOF is now treaded as 'x' (exit w/o saving changes).

 o The 'shell_noargs' runtime option has been added back (it now
   works properly).

 o Systems that return RLIM_INFINITY for RLIMIT_NOFILE (like AIX)
   would loop for a very loing time during sudo startup.  A value of
   RLIM_INFINITY is now ignored (getdtablesize/sysconf is used instead).

 o Locking in visudo was broken.  We now lock the sudoers file, not the
   sudoers temp file, which should be safe.

I plan to release 1.6.2 early next week unless there are show stoppers.

 - todd
     Todd C. Miller    Sysadmin/Consultant     Todd.Miller at

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