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Wed Oct 11 10:30:10 EDT 2000

From: Scott D. MacKay

Why don't you just go in and use the 'configure' statement?
Below is my configure line:
./configure  \
        --sysconfdir=/admtools/etc/ace \
        --localstatedir=/tmp \
        --with-timedir=/tmp/.sodus \

and it works fine  (Note: I install both a normal and securid 'sudo' since
non-sysadmins dont have SecurID cards).

On a related note:  I think there may be a security concern with the
securid auth module.  The module is affected
by several environment variables which indicate where config data is
located, I believe all of the following affect it:
USR_ACE, VAR_ACE, and maybe DLC.  You can alter where you look for the
securid server config by affecting these variables.
I got around it by setting the env variables in the securid C file.


mike.salehi at on 10/11/2000 09:38:08 AM

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Subject:  securid

From: Mike Salehi


     I must be missing a step in building sudo with securid support. I do
configure THEN I go and uncoment the staement
     But it asks for my regular passwod.


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