Sudo problem

Michel Kapuscinsky kaper at
Thu Dec 13 08:31:47 EST 2001

We are using the latest sudo  v1.6.3.p7  on solaris 8 with recommended
patch bundle from Dec 8.
The user is setup to run ALL with no password.

Does anyone have an idea on how to correct the following problem ?

> Here is the small script we  run:
> let ifNum=1
> while test $ifNum -ne 250; do
> sudo ifconfig lo0 addif 127.0.0.$ifNum
> let ifNum=$ifNum+1
> done
> Unfortunately,  it fails after 32 interfaces (same as before).
	 $USER  is not allowed to run sudo on systemX .  This incident
will be reported.

> If I run as root and omit sudo, I can create 250  interfaces (or up
> to whatever number I have configured with "ndd").
> So, it's not ifconfig which fails, but sudo; BTW, if you replace
> "ifconfig" with "ls", there is no problem.
> Mike L.
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