visudo enhancement to edit-syntax-check arbitrary files

William R. Ward bill at
Fri Dec 14 15:20:25 EST 2001

Todd C. Miller writes:
>In message <15386.16390.60103.99289 at>
>	so spake  (bill):
>> I am referring to the idea of using sudo to grant permission to edit
>> files *other* than sudoers, such as /etc/aliases.
>Oh, you mean the "suedit" idea.  Sorry, yes, I was confused by
>the mail Subject here.  I don't object to the idea of "suedit",
>though I'm not sure whether or not it should really be part of
>visudo or a separate program/script.
>But it will have to wait until after sudo 1.6.4 is out.

It's a pretty major change, so I can appreciate that you would not
release it without some serious thought.


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