suedit [was: Re: visudo enhancement to edit-syntax-check arbitrary files ]

William R. Ward bill at
Fri Dec 14 17:53:12 EST 2001

Bob Proulx writes:
>> >Oh, you mean the "suedit" idea.  Sorry, yes, I was confused by
>> >the mail Subject here.  I don't object to the idea of "suedit",
>> >though I'm not sure whether or not it should really be part of
>> >visudo or a separate program/script.
>> >
>> >But it will have to wait until after sudo 1.6.4 is out.
>> It's a pretty major change, so I can appreciate that you would not
>> release it without some serious thought.
>I rather liked the idea of a "helper" program, which would give up
>superuser access to become a non-privileged user for spawning subtasks
>in general, and then resume root afterward.  I can't think of anything
>right now but if that was general purpose then other needs than just
>editing files would present themselves.  I would not limit it to just
>editing files.
>I would not modify sudo in any way.  IMNHO this should be a separate
>utility.  Keep the design modular and each program focused on what it
>does best.  Creeping features and code bloat lead to undiscovered bugs
>which in turn cause security issues when dealing with suid programs.

The reason why I would recommend modifying sudo is to allow the
sudoers file to more easily configure such actions.  This way you can
add "Edit_Alias" entries instead of some rather complex "Cmnd_Alias"
options; just list the filenames that the users are allowed to edit.

Maybe there is some value in making this functionality be a specific
instance of the "helper" program you describe, so that it can be used
for more general things.  However, the sudoers syntax could get even
more hairy in that case.


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