wishlist: sudo -l in more useful format

Matthew Hannigan mlh at zip.com.au
Sat Dec 15 23:05:22 EST 2001

Two somewhat related requests to ponder or
ignore at your pleasure:

1. At the moment, sudo -l prints out things
differently if the commands are part of 
a Cmnd_Alias, compared to if the commands
are listed individually.   It would be nice
to have them use the same format.  This makes
it easy to compare outputs.  Also the individual
listings are nice for the user to be able to copy
and paste.  This is especially useful if the
command string is long.

2. It would be nice for "sudo -l" to prepend
"sudo .." to the line.  Again this is for ease
of copying and pasting.   It would be especially
useful for runas commands.

i.e. sudo -l would give
	sudo -u lp lpcancel 
instead of
	(lp) lpcancel

or whatever it is at the moment (I'm away from
my work machine)


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