sudo 1.6.4 beta4 now available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Mon Dec 31 13:02:50 EST 2001

The fourth beta version of sudo 1.6.4 is now available.  If there
are no problems found I will rewrap this as a release candidate
next week and open it up to the sudo-users list.

The following changes have been made since 1.6.4b3:

 o There was an off by one error in the size parameter to a malloc() call.
   This could cause the heap to be corrupted with a single NUL byte
   This only affects the previous 1.6.4 beta versions.

 o sudo now calls pam_setcreds() to setup creds for the target user
   when PAM is in use.  On Linux this often sets resource limits.

You may download the tarball from:

 - todd

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