sudo 1.6.4 beta3 now available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Mon Dec 31 15:52:24 EST 2001

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	so spake Bob Proulx (rwp):

> Supporting 'make DESTDIR=/tmp/path install' would be a plus.  Since I
> package up a lot of things I always have to check different utilities,
> does it support DESTDIR to redirect image builds or not?

That should be easy enough to do.

> I would like the ability to change the man page section at configure
> time.  Currently a large case statement sets the man page section to
> 1m for a variety of platforms including hpux.  However I personally
> like to use section 8 for compatibility reasons.  But there is no
> method to override the script selection at this time.  Therefore I
> usually have to munge the configure script to override the case
> statement selected value.  It would be nicer if I could select an
> override somehow.

Actually, you can.  I do this myself when building the cat pages:
    env mansectsu=8 ./configure

Or if you use an sh-like shell you should be able to skip the 'env'

> Using autoconf-2.52 which has better support for hpux would improve
> the configure script.  Your configure time case statement could be
> shortened considerably for the hpux cases.  But I am not sure how
> involved it would be for you to upgrade.  It is working suitably fine
> as is with the older autoconf.

Yes, at some point I need to update the configure stuff and bring
it out of the Byzantine.  I don't use autoheader or automake at the

 - todd

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