sudoer mode

Lacoss-Arnold, Jason Jason.Lacoss-Arnold at
Mon Oct 22 13:54:04 EDT 2001

$ mount
*** write down the partition that is /
$ sudo /usr/sbin/shutdown -y -g0 -i0
***system drops to the ok prompt (unless your cmos is password protected)
*** put a Solaris 8 cd in the cdrom
ok boot cdrom -s
***Will take you to single user mode booted off the cdrom
mount -F ufs /dev/dsk/cWtXdYsZ /a		(where WXYZ come from the
mount output above)
chmod 440 /a/etc/sudoers
***(and while you're at it, you might want to remove the root password from
cd /
umount /a
init 6
*** log in as root and set a new root password if you blanked it out

--Jason Lacoss-Arnold, Systems Technical Specialist
Technical Services - Unix Arch.

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Hi All,
       I have sudo on solaris 8. Someone has changed the permission on the 
sudoer file. When I do sudo su -anyuser I got the following error (sudoers 
is mode 0640, should be 0440). Now the bvious solution would be to switch to

root and do chmod 0440 sudoers, yet the admin of that box left the company 
and we do not have the root password on that box. If anyone can help solving

this problem without reinstalling solaris I would really thankful.
Thanks in advance.

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