/usr/bin/cd (was Re: sudo cd command doesn`t appear to work.)

Howard Owen hbo at egbok.com
Thu Aug 1 02:57:33 EDT 2002

And Igor must have such a broken /usr/bin/cd since his description:

  >> I am trying to run the command sudo cd /tmp on a unix
  >> machine and no errors are returned when I run the

wouldn't make sense otherwise. On my nice, sane Linux box, I get:

	hbo at hbo|1013> sudo cd /tmp
	sudo: cd: command not found
	hbo at hbo|1014>

--On Wednesday, July 31, 2002 11:38:06 PM -0600 "Todd C. Miller" 
<Todd.Miller at courtesan.com> wrote:

> In message <20020801150852.B23954 at zipperii.zip.com.au>
> 	so spake Matthew Hannigan (mlh):
>> This may be tangential to tcurrent thread, but, sadly,
>> there IS a /usr/bin/cd command on POSIX standard systems.
>> It's perfectly useless, of course, and can make things even
>> worse (more complex) for commands like sudo.
> Yes, apparently someone in System V land decided that almost every
> shell builtin should have a corresponding link in /usr/bin.
> Utter madness.
>  - todd

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