sudo 1.6.4 release candidate 1 now available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Wed Jan 2 22:39:49 EST 2002

The first release candidate for sudo 1.6.4 is now ready.  I
consider this to be basically ready to release so now is
the time for testing :-)

The following changes have been made since 1.6.4b4:

 o If "make install" is run by non-root and the destination dir
   is writable, install things normally but don't set owner and mode.

 o The Makefile now supports installing in a shadow hierarchy
   specified via the DESTDIR variable.

 o is now generated by autoheader.

So there are basically no real code changes since 1.6.4b4.

You may download the tarball from:

 - todd

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