UI: sudo-1.6.4rc*: set_perms_posix introduces new problems

Dmitry V. Levin ldv at alt-linux.org
Sun Jan 13 06:51:50 EST 2002


Upcoming sudo-1.6.4 introduces new set_perms implementation,
set_perms_posix. However use of this function have a drawback: most of the
time sudo is running with real uid of the caller, which allows user to
manipulate sudo process with signals. For example, send_mail function can
be terminated by user which is nogood. Another drawback is that sendmail
program gets executed suid which is also nogood (postfix doesn't like it).

set_perms_fallback with setreuid is still ok, because of PERM_ROOT does

I'd like to see sudo-1.6.4 release with set_perms_posix either fixed or
disabled by default.


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