Central Management?

Howard Owen hbo at egbok.com
Mon Jul 15 20:10:09 EDT 2002

A user of sudoscript contacted me asking about features he
thought would be useful. Specifically, he was interested
in central management of authorization, and remote keystroke
logging to a central server. This question piqued my interest.
I told him that the authorization feature was an issue for
sudo itself, since it would involve munging the sudoers files
on remote hosts. But the same administrative app that did that
work would be a natural place to control remote logging as
well. Both features would need an encrypted transport. SSH would
seem to be a natural for that.

Before I went off to design and code something along those lines,
I thought I'd ask to see if there were any prior work along
these lines. I'm also curious if anyone on this list might want
to contribute ideas and/or code to the (not yet born) project.
I'm a Perl hacker, so that would be my language of choice.

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