adding new authentication mechanism

TRUCKS, JESSE (AIT) jt9873 at
Thu Jun 6 00:55:12 EDT 2002

I have to add a new authentication scheme based on an internal rewrite of a
SecurID based system.

We have the code for the new module, called sidauth, compiling. I have run
out of data/ideas on what all needs to get edited in order to compile this
method in with password authentication still available. Everything compiles
with no errors when I use configure --with-sidauth, but the sudo binary
compiles with no auth mechanisms in it at all.

Does someone have a doc/web site that has more detailed information on what
is needed in order to compile sudo with a non-standalone auth mechanism?

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

(I don't have a choice in the manner used to do the SecurID mechanism or I
would use the standard method that already works. Also, I am a very novice C
programmer, though I have access to a somewhat more experienced programmer
that has little Open Source experience.)

Thank you!

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