[sudo-workers] ldap and password

Markus Rennings news at rennings.net
Fri Aug 20 09:44:59 EDT 2004

Am Freitag, 20. August 2004 04:14 schrieb Todd C. Miller:

> For some reason pam_acct_mgmt() is returning PAM_ACCT_EXPIRED,
> indicating that your account has expired.  This has nothing to do
> with the password being incorrect, it simply means that the password
> or account expiration date in the password entry has been passed.

Ah, ok, but do you know any workaround? I have no expiration date in my ldap, 
so I don't know why pam returns _EXPIRED. As I said in my last mail login 
works as expected - therefore I think my pam works with ldap.


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