sudo 1.6.8 beta 4 is now available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Tue Jun 1 21:54:13 EDT 2004

The fourth beta version of sudo 1.6.8 is now available.  There will
some changes between now and the final release but they should be

The changes between 1.6.8b2 and 1.6.8b4 are:

 o Fixed several issues when closing all open descriptors.  Sudo now
   uses closefrom() if it exists, using /proc/$$/fd if possible.

 o Use PATH_MAX, not MAXPATHLEN since the former is standardized.

 o Improved LDAP support in configure.

 o The timeout on password reading is now done via alarm(), not select().

You can ftp 1.6.8b4 from:

 - todd

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