How-To Prevent command execution in vi - SUDO

David.Knight at David.Knight at
Tue Mar 16 08:26:11 EST 2004

        I am currently in to process of implementing SUDO on my Tru64 
Servers. However, I have one question:
1) I need to be able to lock down accounts to the point of only allowing 
them access to a very very limited command set I.E Just "ls" "pwd" "cd" 
and "vi"  however I have found that SUDO is mainly to allow users access 
to commands ran by other users. so I figured that I could write a script 
to force them to use sudo or a limited command set however I find that if 
you allow some one access to the "vi" command they can execute any command 

the wish by doing a :! and the command. I have been unable to find any 
options to SUDO either on compile time or execution nor with vi that will 
prevent this from happening. any help would be grateful.

Thanks in advance,
David Knight

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