sudo and sylogd logging

Martinez, Margie (ETSD) martin1 at
Fri May 7 11:02:33 EDT 2004

I've installed "sudo" using rpm on an AIX 5.2 machine.  I'm having trouble
getting it to log using syslogd.  I can get it to log using the sudoers
file, but prefer not to because the sudoers file is not secure and also I'd
like to log to an alternate host.  
I've set up the syslog.conf file and it does pick up other things like when
a user su's or running "refresh -s syslogd", but it does not pickup when
someone issues a "sudo" command.  I even got it to log into an alternate
host file.
It seems like syslogd does not acknowledge "sudo"
In my syslog.conf file I entered:
*.*         /var/adm/sudolog
Any help?

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