sudo and sylogd logging

Chris Jepeway jepeway at
Mon May 10 14:24:59 EDT 2004

> When I run logger it goes to "/var/adm/sudolog" and when I "su", the 
> su gets
> logged in "/var/adm/sudolog".
> "logger -p local2.err messages" also goes to /var/adm/sudolog
> I'm also using tabs and not spaces.
OK, that confirms syslog.conf is correctly configured.

> It seems like sudo is not logging - only when I use the /etc/sudoers 
> file
> and specify a logfile.
I'm afraid I'm not much help here, any longer, and so I'm cc'ing the 
Perhaps the options you used when you ran configure didn't compile in 
support when you built sudo?   Perhaps you need to explicitly enable 
support in /etc/sudoers?

> Martinez, Margie (ETSD)

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