sudo 1.6.8 beta 2 is now available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Thu May 27 19:51:44 EDT 2004

The second beta version of sudo 1.6.8 is now available.  There will
some changes between now and the final release but they should be

The changes between 1.6.8b1 and 1.6.8b2 are:

 o /tmp/.odus is no longer used for timestamps unless explicitly
   specified via configure.  On systems lacking /var/run, /var/adm/sudo
   or /usr/adm/sudo will be used.

 o Quoting globbing characters with a backslash now works as documented.

 o A negated user/uid in a runas list was not treated the same as a
   negated command (it did not override a previously allowed entry).
   Now it does.

 o Added support for Tandem NSK and other systems w/o seteuid().

You can ftp 1.6.8b2 from:

 - todd

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