[sudo-workers] Visudo pre/post hooks

Michael Grubb sudo at dailyvoid.com
Tue Jul 5 17:45:49 EDT 2005

I would agree that is probably the better solution, however it is a  
much more complicated solution, and there are many barriers to  
implementing this in our environment.

On Jul 5, 2005, at 4:10 PM, Bob Proulx wrote:

> Michael Grubb wrote:
>> At my location we wanted to monitor/control changes to the sudoers  
>> file.
>> This requirement gave birth to the attached patch.
> I am sure the patch is useful.  But my own opinion is that this would
> be better handled by checking the file into version control.  Then you
> can use all of the existing hook script capabilities of the version
> control system to monitor and control changes to the sudoers file.  No
> changes to sudo or visudo are required.  This is what we do on our
> site and it works well.  (We use 'visudo -c -f sudoers.tmp' in the
> hook script.)
> Bob
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