[sudo-workers] PCRE-support for sudo

Sven Strickroth sstrickroth at gym-oha.de
Mon Nov 14 17:27:53 EST 2005


please don't blame me :), I created a patch (still alpha) in order to add 
pcre-support to sudo. So it's now possible to permit commands like: 
"/usr/bin/smbpasswd [0-9][0-9][a-z]+"

If you want to test it, apply the patch and add "#define HAVE_PCRE 1" to 
your config.h and "-lpcre" to SUDO_LIBS in Makefile. Because there seems to 
be a bug in configure.in, I couldn't add checks for pcre, sorry.

I'm happy if I get some nice replies :)...

Best regards,
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