[sudo-workers] Seeking input (patch for printing sudoers path)

Barron, Danny danny.barron at eds.com
Tue Jul 18 15:17:08 EDT 2006

Well not that anyone probably needs this...but a trivial diff for the
(before Todd's -VV suggestion) is attached.
It just prints "Compiled path to sudoers: blah blah"

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	so spake  (bob):

> I have no objection to adding more info to the sudo -V root output.  I

> was actually out of sync with Danny's request and was thinking the 
> normal 'sudo -V' output and not the 'sudo sudo -V' output.  (It is 
> actually a little odd that it behaves differently depending upon the
> invoker.)

Yes, I've been thinking of making it only print that output if -V is
specified more than once; e.g. sudo -VV

 - todd
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