[sudo-workers] Cross-Compiling to QNX6.2.0 on a sh4 board

Adrian Cooke cooke at sun.ac.za
Tue Jun 13 08:36:10 EDT 2006


I want to cross compile/port sudo to QNX6.2.0 on an embedded sh4 board. 
Is anybody working on this port or can give me some help in the porting 

All I have done so far is run:

./configure --host=sh-unknown-nto-qnx6.3.0

and then it crashes with:

checking max length of uid_t... configure: error: cannot run test 
program while cross compiling
See `config.log' for more details.

which makes a lot of sense. Is there anyway to get around this easily 
without hacking the configure script. I also looked at


which is the only thing I could find on the mailing list with anything 
to do with QNX.

Thanks in advance,


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