[sudo-workers] Patch (ldap.c) for sudo-1.6.8p12

Stefan.Labich at bg-phoenics.de Stefan.Labich at bg-phoenics.de
Wed Jul 4 08:21:12 EDT 2007


we are using sudo-1.6.8p12 on AIX 5.3 in our company with a central 
LDAP-Directory. As High-Availability is a major concern we've noticed that 
sudo can use only one LDAP-server host in /etc/sudoers.conf.ldap

I have written a little patch for ldap.c which accepts a backup 
LDAP-server in  /etc/sudoers.conf.ldap labeled "host_2". If the 
ldap_simple_bind to the first host (LDAP-server) fails, sudo tries the 
ldap_simple_bind on host_2. Only if the second bind fails too, sudo bails 

With best regards
Stefan Labich


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