[sudo-workers] sudo 1.6.9 beta 1 is now available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Tue Jun 19 09:42:30 EDT 2007

The first beta version of sudo 1.6.9 is now available.  There will
some changes between now and the final release but they should be

Sudo 1.6.9 is basically 1.6.8p12 with a number of changes from the
sudo 1.7 tree (those that don't depend on the new parser in 1.7).
This makes it possible for the major features present in 1.7 be
tested independently and from the parser changes (and many of
the changes are things that people have been asking for).

You can ftp 1.6.9b1 from:

The biggest change to be aware of is that the environment is no
longer preserved by default.  Commands run through sudo now receive
a minimal environment with certain variables passed through and/or
checked.  The list of variables allowed is configurable via the
env_keep and env_check options in sudoers.

The other major changes in 1.6.9b1 are:

 o Fixed a file descriptor leak when the lecture file option is enabled.

 o Added to the list of variables to remove from the environment.

 o Fixed a Kerberos V security issue that could allow a
   user to authenticate using a fake KDC.

 o Pulled in updated configure and libtool from sudo 1.7.

 o PAM is now the default on systems where it is supported.

 o Removed POSIX saved uid use; the stay_setuid option now
   requires the setreuid() or setresuid() functions to work.

 o Regenerated configure with up to date autoconf and libtool.

 o Fixed fd leak when lecture file option is enabled.

 o Removed used of POSIX saved uids.  The stay_setuid
   option now requires setreuid() or setresuid().

 o PAM fixes.  If the user enters ^C at the password prompt,
   abort instead of trying to authenticate with an empty password
   (which causes an annoying delay).  Also Call pam_open_session()
   and pam_close_session() to give pam_limits a chance to run.

 o Security fix for Kerberos5.  If we cannot get a valid service
   key using the default keytab it is a fatal error.  Now uses
   krb5_verify_user() and krb5_init_secure_context() if they
   are available.

 o Fixed securid5 authentication.

 o Added fcntl F_CLOSEM support to closefrom().

 o Added NOEXEC support for AIX 5.3.

 o Sudo now uses the supplemental group vector for matching.
   This fixes problems with split group lines in /etc/group
   as well as multiple group sources in nsswitch.conf.

 o Added more environment variables to remove by default.

 o Mail from sudo now includes an Auto-Submitted: auto-generated
   header ala rfc 3834.

 o Reworked the environment handling code.

 o Remove the --with-execv option, it was not useful.

 o Use TCSADRAIN instead of TCSAFLUSH in tgetpass() since
   some OSes have issues with TCSAFLUSH.

 o Use glob(3) instead of fnmatch(3) for matching pathnames
   and stat() each result that matches the basename of the user's
   command.  This makes "cd /usr/bin ; sudo ./blah" work when
   sudoers allows /usr/bin/blah.

 o Reworked the syslog long line splitting code based on changes
   from Eygene Ryabinkin.

 o Sudo can now with deal more than 32 network interfaces on

 o Visudo will now honor command line arguments in the EDITOR or
   VISUAL environment variables if env_editor is enabled.

 o LDAP now honors rootbinddn, timelimit and bind_timelimit in

 o For LDAP, do a sub tree search instead of a base search (one
   level in the tree only) for sudo right objects.  This allows
   system administrators to categorize the rights in a tree to
   make them easier to manage.

 - todd

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