[sudo-workers] Feature Request (expiration date of sudo rules)

José Luis Otones Solla jotones at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 27 05:21:12 EST 2009



>From our own experience, this feature would be very useful, as we must provide temporal access to some users specially during a weekend and you must always to remember to disable the rule.
> Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 23:10:02 -0600
> From: bambenek.infosec at gmail.com
> To: sudo-workers at sudo.ws
> Subject: [sudo-workers] Feature Request (expiration date of sudo rules)
> I was wondering what the possibility of introducing a "drink by" date to 
> a specific sudo rule is...
> For instance...
> root ALL=(ALL) ALL YYYYmmddhhmm
> And the functioning would basically check to see if the time is less 
> than or equal to the timestamp given in the sudo file before giving 
> access. It would be pretty useful in some enterprise settings I would 
> imagine.
> Thoughts?
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