[sudo-workers] Sudo 1.7.1b2 available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Sun Mar 8 19:06:12 EDT 2009

The second beta version (first public beta) of Sudo version 1.7.1
is now available.

Download links:

Changes from Sudo 1.7.0:

 o Fixed a crash when sudoers has the wrong user/mode.

 o Fixed parsing of comments that start with a dash.

 o Added pwfeedback option to provide visual feedback when
   the user is entering a password.

 o Added fast_glob option to use fnmatch() for globbing.  When this
   is enabled, sudo will not check the file system when expanding
   wild cards.  This is faster but a side effect is that relative
   paths with wild card will no longer work.

 o Merged in BSM audit support from Christian S.J. Peron.

 o Fixed a bug in the included version of glob() that broken
   wild card matching on systems other than BSD and Linux.

 o Added %h escape (short form of hostname) to the #include directive.

 o The -k flag may not be specified along with a command, causing the
   user's timestamp file to be ignored.

 o Fixed a crash when a PAM module's session action prompts for user

 o Added support for Tivoli-based LDAP START_TLS as seen in AIX.

 o Sudo now replaces the putenv, setenv and unsetenv functions with its
   own that operate on its own copy of the environment.

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