[sudo-workers] sudo: unable to cache group --- from sudo 1.7.2.p5

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Wed Mar 10 20:49:38 EST 2010

In message <FE028D69955796489B510CE43DBBE803AA683085 at rrsmsx503.amr.corp.intel.c
	so spake "Toufique, Imam" (imam.toufique):

> I compiled sudo 1.7.2p5 and I am getting the following error:
> host> sudo -l
> sudo: unable to cache group nhm_042, already exists
> has anyone seen this issue?  If so, is there a fix for this?

That condition shouldn't be possible.  Basically what is happening
is that sudo looked up the group by name in a cache (really a
red-black tree) and didn't find it but when it went to insert the
record a few lines later, there was already a record there.  Since
sudo is single-threaded this shouldn't happen unless the gr_name
field in the struct returned by getgrnam() doesn't match the name
that was actually looked up.

You could add some debugging to sudo_getgrnam() in pwutil.c to
compare what is already in the cache to what getgrnam() returned.

 - todd

 - todd

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