[sudo-workers] Sudo version 1.7.5b5 available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Sun Feb 13 15:22:14 EST 2011

The fifth beta version of Sudo 1.7.5 is now available.

Source tarballs:

Binary packages:

Major changes between sudo 1.7.5b4 and 1.7.5b5:

 * Fixed compilation on GNU/Hurd

Major changes between sudo 1.7.5b3 and 1.7.5b4:

 * Fixed compilation on HP-UX with the bundled compiler.
 * Sudo now passes SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 through to the child process.

 * Cosmetic changes to reduce diffs between sudo 1.7.5 and 1.8.0.

Major changes between sudo 1.7.5b2 and 1.7.5b3:

 * Sudo will no longer refuse to run if the sudoers file is writable
   by root.

 * Sudo now performs command line escaping for "sudo -s" and "sudo -i"
   after validating the command so the sudoers entries do not need
   to include the backslashes.

 * Logging and email sending are now done in the locale specified
   by the "sudoers_locale" setting ("C" by default).  Email send by
   sudo now includes MIME headers when "sudoers_locale" is not "C".

 * The configure script has a new option, --disable-env-reset, to
   allow one to change the default for the sudoers Default setting
   "env_reset" at compile time.

 * When logging "sudo -l command", sudo will now prepend "list "
   to the command in the log line to distinguish between an
   actual command invocation in the logs.

 * Double-quoted group and user names may now include escaped double
   quotes as part of the name.  Previously this was a parse error.

 * Sudo once again restores the state of the signal handlers it
   modifies before executing the command.  This allows sudo to be
   used with the nohup command.

 * Resuming a suspended shell now works properly when I/O logging
   is not enabled (the I/O logging case was already correct).

Major changes between sudo 1.7.5b1 and 1.7.5b2:

 * Sync with Sudo 1.7.4p6

 * LDAP Sudoers entries may now specify a time period for which
   the entry is valid.  This requires an updated sudoers schema
   that includes the sudoNotBefore and sudoNotAfter attributes.
   Support for timed entries must be explicitly enabled in the
   ldap.conf file.  Based on changes from Andreas Mueller.

 * LDAP Sudoers entries may now specify a sudoOrder attribute that
   determines the order in which matching entries are applied; the first
   matching entry is used.  This requires an updated sudoers schema that
   includes the sudOrder attribute.  Based on changes from Andreas Mueller.

 * When run as sudoedit, or when given the -e flag, sudo now treats
   command line arguments as pathnames.  This means that slashes
   in the sudoers file entry must explicitly match slashes in
   the command line arguments.  As a result, and entry such as:
       user ALL = sudoedit /etc/*
   will allow editing of /etc/motd but not /etc/security/default.

 * NETWORK_TIMEOUT is now an alias for BIND_TIMELIMIT in ldap.conf for
   compatibility with OpenLDAP configuration files.

 * The LDAP API TIMEOUT parameter is now honored in ldap.conf.

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