[sudo-workers] Runas(_alias) group

Daniel Kopecek dkopecek at redhat.com
Tue Oct 25 08:33:07 EDT 2011

  it seems that there is a bug in the handling (matching) of groups in 
Runas & Runas_alias lists. There are several ways how to specify a runas 
group and some of them, although correctly parsed, are ignored in the 
matching phase. Here are some non-working examples, one of them is from 
the sudoers manpage:

1) Using %group syntax + an alias
User_Alias OK_GROUP = %a
Runas_Alias OK_RUNAS_GROUP = %b, %c

...which can be stripped down to:

  %a ALL=(%b) ALL

...which also does not work.

2) Using an alias
Runas_Alias ADMINGRP = b, c
%a ALL = (: ADMINGRP) /usr/bin/id

The problem with 1) is that when you use %group, then the parsed group 
is appended to the user_list and not to the group_list (these two are 
passed to the _runaslist_matches function in match.c) and the USERGROUP 
entries are not compared with runas_gr.

And the problem with 2) seems to be also a wrong interpretation of the 
contents of the alias (always passed as user_list ...).

I've prepared a preliminary patch for both issues. However, it needs 
review and maybe the solution for the first problem (%group) should be 
made in gram.y/c (i.e. append the entries to group_list), not in the 
matching code.

Dan K.

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