[sudo-workers] 1.8.6p3 plugins/visudo and plugins/testsudoers segfault on FreeBSD-10 ia64 (Itanium)

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Dec 27 16:06:24 EST 2012

	From Todd.Miller at courtesan.com Fri Dec 21 23:53:15 2012

	Starting with sudo 1.8.6, the sudo binaries are build as position
	independent executables (PIE) if the compiler supports this.  There
	are also a number of hardening options used for the compiler and
	linker if supported.  My guess is that one of these is causing your

	Try running configure with the following options:


	and see if that fixes it.  If so, it would be nice to know whether
	it is the hardening options or PIE that is causing the failure.

	 - todd

--disable-hardening does not help, still segfault.

--disable-pie does help, e.g.:

# ./plugins/sudoers/testsudoers
usage: testsudoers [-dt] [-G sudoers_gid] [-g group] [-h host] [-p grfile] [-p p
wfile] [-U sudoers_uid] [-u user] <user> <command> [args]

This is built with the default system compiler:

gcc (GCC) 4.2.1 20070831 patched [FreeBSD]

Any further investigating I should do?



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