[sudo-workers] sudo 1.8.5rc4 available

Vitezslav Cizek vcizek at suse.cz
Thu May 10 08:14:12 EDT 2012

* V Středa  9. květen 2012, 17:40:08 [CEST] Todd C. Miller napsal:
> The fourth and hopefully final release candidate for sudo 1.8.5 is
> now available.  If no major problems are reported this will be
> released as sudo 1.8.5 final on May 14th.
> Source:
>     http://www.sudo.ws/sudo/dist/beta/sudo-1.8.5rc4.tar.gz
>     ftp://ftp.sudo.ws/pub/sudo/beta/sudo-1.8.5rc4.tar.gz
> Binary packages:
>     http://www.sudo.ws/sudo/dist/beta/packages/index.html
> Major changes between sudo 1.8.5rc4 and 1.8.5rc3:
>  * Updated translations from translationproject.org
>  * Implemented RTLD_DEFAULT, and RTLD_SELF and RTLD_NEXT emulation
>    for HP-UX.
>  * Added the "system_group" group provider plugin for people who
>    need to look up groups by name rather than by group ID.
> Major changes between sudo 1.8.5rc3 and 1.8.5rc2:
>  * The policy plugin's init_session function is now called by the
>    parent sudo process, not the child process that executes the
>    command.  This allows the PAM session to be open and closed in
>    the same process, which some PAM modules require.
I can confirm that this fixes issues experienced at least with pam_mount

check out sudo.ws front page.
This rc4 was released on May 9, not in June :-)

Vita Cizek
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