[sudo-workers] sudo 1.8.11b3 released

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Mon Sep 1 16:58:28 MDT 2014

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The third beta version of sudo 1.8.10 is now available.  Sudo
1.8.11 installs a shared library, libsudo_util, that is used by the
sudo front end, the sudo plugins and associated programs (visudo,

It has been tested on many common platforms but due to the shared
lib changes could use testing on less common (and older) systems.


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Major changes between sudo 1.8.11b3 and 1.8.11b2:

 * Updated translations.

 * Fixes for compilation problems with the HP C Compiler.

 * Changes to the sudo event loop to make it more resilient.

Major changes between sudo 1.8.11b2 and 1.8.11b1:

 * New files created via sudoedit as a non-root user now have the
   proper group id.  Bug #656

 * Sudoedit now works correctly in conjunction with sudo's SELinux
   RBAC support.  Temporary files are now created with the proper
   security context.

 * The sudo I/O logging plugin API has been updated.  If a logging
   function returns an error, the command will be terminated and
   all of the plugin's logging functions will be disabled.  If a
   logging function rejects the command's output it will no longer
   be displayed to the user's terminal.

Major changes between sudo 1.8.11b1 and 1.8.10p3:

 * The sudoers plugin no longer uses setjmp/longjmp to recover
   from fatal errors.  All errors are now propagated to the caller
   via return codes.

 * When running a command in the background, sudo will now forward
   SIGINFO to the command (if supported).

 * Sudo will now use the system versions of the sha2 functions from
   libc or libmd if available.

 * Visudo now works correctly on GNU Hurd.  Bug #647

 * Fixed suspend and resume of curses programs on some system when
   the command is not being run in a pseudo-terminal.  Bug #649

 * Fixed a crash with LDAP-based sudoers on some systems when
   Kerberos was enabled.

 * Sudo now includes optional Solaris audit support.

 * Catalan translation for sudoers from translationproject.org.

 * Norwegian Bokmaal translation for sudo from translationproject.org.

 * Greek translation for sudoers from translationproject.org

 * The sudo source tree has been reorganized to more closely resemble
   that of other gettext-enabled packages.

 * Sudo and its associated programs now link against a shared version
   of libsudo_util.  The --disable-shared-libutil configure option
   may be used to force static linking if the --enable-static-sudoers
   option is also specified.

 * The passwords in ldap.conf and ldap.secret may now be encoded
   in base64.

 * Audit updates.  SELinux role changes are now audited.  For
   sudoedit, we now audit the actual editor being run, instead of
   just the sudoedit command.

 * Fixed bugs in the man page post-processing that could cause
   portions of the manuals to be removed.

 * Fixed a crash in the system_group plugin.  Bug #653.

 * Fixed sudoedit on platforms without a native version of the
   getprograme() function.  Bug #654.

 * Fixed compilation problems with some pre-C99 compilers.

 * Fixed sudo's -C option which was broken in version 1.8.9.

 * It is now possible to match an environment variable's value as
   well as its name using env_keep and env_check.  This can be used
   to preserve bash functions which would otherwise be removed from
   the environment.
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