[sudo-workers] sudo 1.8.15rc3 released

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Sat Oct 24 19:13:21 MDT 2015

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The third release candidate of sudo 1.8.15 is now available.  Unless
a major bug is found, sudo 1.8.15 will be released by the end of
the month.

In addition to bug fixes, sudo 1.8.15 includes changes to how the
time stamp files are locked which could use some more extensive
testing.  The upshot is that sudo can now be used multiple times
in a pipeline even when a password is required and the user will
only be prompted once.


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Major changes between sudo 1.8.15rc3 and 1.8.15rc2:

 * Added the sudoedit_checkdir Defaults option to prevent sudoedit
   from editing files located in a directory that is writable by
   the invoking user.

 * Added the always_query_group_plugin Defaults option to control
   whether groups not found in the system group database are passed
   to the group plugin.  Previously, unknown system groups were
   always passed to the group plugin.

 * When creating a new file, sudoedit will now check that the file's
   parent directory exists before running the editor.

Major changes between sudo 1.8.15rc2 and 1.8.15rc1:

 * Slovak translation for sudo from translationproject.org.

 * Hungarian and Slovak translations for sudoers from translationproject.org.

 * SIA authentication on Tru64 Unix now uses the conversaton function
   when prompting for a password.

 * Previously, when env_reset was enabled (the default) and the -s
   option was not used, the SHELL environment variable was set to the
   shell of the invoking user.  Now, when env_reset is enabled and
   the -s option is not used, SHELL is set based on the target user.

 * Fixed challenge/response style BSD authentication.

Major changes between sudo 1.8.15rc1 and 1.8.15b5:

 * Updated translations from translationproject.org.

 * Documentation fixes.

 * Debugging now works as expected inside the conversation function.

 * The popen(3) and system(3) functions are now directly blocked
   by sudo_noexec.so instead of relying on blocking of the underlying
   execve(2) system call.

Major changes between sudo 1.8.15b5 and 1.8.15b4:

 * If some, but not all, of the LOGNAME, USER or USERNAME environment
   variables have been preserved from the invoking user's environment,
   sudo will now use the preserved value to set the remaining variables
   instead of using the runas user.  This ensures that if, for example,
   only LOGNAME is present in the env_keep list, that sudo will not
   set USER and USERNAME to the runas user.

*  When the command sudo is running dies due to a signal, sudo will
   now send itself that same signal with the default signal handler
   installed instead of exiting.  The bash shell appears to ignore
   some signals, e.g. SIGINT, unless the command being run is killed
   by that signal.  This makes the behavior of commands run under
   sudo the same as without sudo when bash is the shell.  Bug #722

Major changes between sudo 1.8.15b4 and 1.8.15b3:

 * The callback is now passed correctly to the PAM conversation
   function.  This allows the on_suspend and on_resume functions to
   be called on system using PAM.

 * Fixed "sudo -k" on Solaris and probably other systems where
   the size of off_t and size_t are different.

Major changes between sudo 1.8.15b3 and 1.8.15b2:

 * Fixed a potential double free introduced in 1.8.15b1 when sudo
   is suspended at the password prompt.

Major changes between sudo 1.8.15b2 and 1.8.15b1:

 * Fixed a bug introduced in sudo 1.8.14 that prevented visudo from
   re-editing the correct file when a syntax error was detected.

 * Fixed a bug where sudo would not relay a SIGHUP signal to the
   command when the terminal is closed and the command is not run
   in its own pseudo-tty.  Bug #719

Major changes between sudo 1.8.15b1 and 1.8.14p3:

 * Fixed a bug that prevented sudo from building outside the source tree
   on some platforms.  Bug #708.

 * Fixed the location of the sssd library in the RHEL/Centos packages.
   Bug #710.

 * Fixed a build problem on systems that don't implicitly include
   sys/types.h from other header files.  Bug #711.

 * Fixed a problem on Linux using containers where sudo would ignore
   signals sent by a process in a different container.

 * Sudo now refuses to run a command if the PAM session module
   returns an error.

 * When editing files with sudoedit, symbolic links will no longer
   be followed by default.  The old behavior can be restored by
   enabling the sudoedit_follow option in sudoers or on a per-command
   basis with the FOLLOW and NOFOLLOW tags.  Bug #707.

 * Fixed a bug introduced in version 1.8.14 that caused the last
   valid editor in the sudoers "editor" list to be used by visudo
   and sudoedit instead of the first.  Bug #714.

 * Fixed a bug in visudo that prevented the addition of a final
   newline to edited files without one.

 * Fixed a bug decoding certain base64 digests in sudoers when the
   intermediate format included a '=' character.

 * Individual records are now locked in the time stamp file instead
   of the entire file.  This allows sudo to avoid prompting for a
   password multiple times on the same terminal when used in a
   pipeline.  In other words, "sudo cat foo | sudo grep bar" now
   only prompts for the password once.  Previously, both sudo
   processes would prompt for a password, often making it impossible
   to enter.

 * Fixed a bug where sudo would fail to run commands as a non-root
   user on systems that lack both setresuid() and setreuid().
   Bug #713.
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