[sudo-workers] sudo doesn't add "dynamic groups"

Kristýna Streitová kstreitova at suse.com
Wed Apr 13 16:13:05 MDT 2016


We encountered the following issue in sudo. It seems that sudo doesn't 
add "dynamic groups" although pam_group module is configured properly.

I'm attaching a reproducer showing the same configuration for sudo and 
e.g. su-l services. However for su it works and the group is added but 
for sudo it doesn't.

How to reproduce:
1) add new user 'sudotest'

2) edit '/etc/security/group.conf' and add:

3) edit '/etc/pam.d/su-l' and '/etc/pam.d/sudo' and add the following 
rows at the start of the file:
    auth    required    pam_group.so

4) run
    # su -c id -l sudotest
    uid=1002(sudotest) gid=100(users) groups=100(users),40(games)

    # sudo -iu sudotest id
    uid=1002(sudotest) gid=100(users) groups=100(users)

According to our debugging attempts, it seems that the forked 
plugins/sudoers/auth/pam.c process adds the pam groups correctly but the 
original src/sudo.c process seems to overwrite these groups with the old 
values from details->groups (around the src/sudo.c:927 in sudo 1.8.10).

The issue was found in sudo 1.8.10, but it is also reproducible for the 
latest sudo 1.8.16 (openSUSE Tumbleweed) or e.g. older sudo 1.7.6p2.

Currently, I don't see any obvious fix but I'm not overly familiar with 
the code. Do you see any graceful way how to solve this issue, please?

Thank you.

Best regards,
Kristyna Streitova

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