[sudo-workers] sudo ignores SIGPIPE and hangs

Radovan Sroka rsroka at redhat.com
Wed Aug 24 07:13:13 MDT 2016

Hi sudo-workers,

Sudo ignores SIGPIPE until the command is executed since 1.8.17b4.

When pam_session, pam_setcred and use_pty are disabled sudo will not fork just exec,
and SIGPIPE will be still ignored so e.g. this usecase will hang.

Set Defaults   !pam_session
    Defaults   !pam_setcred
    Defaults   !use_pty

And run:
sudo -k; sudo bash -c "yes | fold | head -n1"

After that sudo hangs.

What do you think?


Radovan Sroka
Security Technologies | Red hat, Inc.

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