[sudo-workers] sudo ignores child return code -- oh?

Parker, Michael D. Michael.D.Parker at ga.com
Tue Aug 30 10:52:25 MDT 2016

Hmmm.....Your example seems to have a problem.

The first line should be:

#! /bin/abcde
# some useless script

The way it is written in the provided example will cause the currently defined shell to run the script.  Since there are only comments, the script should execute without error.


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Hi Todd,

I found regression in sudo behavior, It's reproducible on recent sudo-1.8.18b2.

When you have a script which refers to non existing interpreter like:

$ cat test.sh
#useless script

$ chmod u+x test.sh

Sudo executes this command and it should fail.

$ sudo ./test.sh

But Sudo returns 0.


Radovan Sroka
Security Technologies | Red hat, Inc.

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