[sudo-workers] sudo-1.8.22b1 - packaging on AIX (from git)

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at sudo.ws
Sat Dec 9 05:24:42 MST 2017

On Sat, 09 Dec 2017 10:04:15 +0100, Michael Felt wrote:

> a.2) Do you want to continue this in emails only, or should I open an 
> issue on github (or elsewhere)?

Email is OK for now.  I don't really look at the github issues.

> b.2): this concerns 'make check - on NFS, and no sudo installed (only 
> the out-of-tree build directory)
> a) duplicate symbol

That is harmless and in fact required or the test will not run
correctly.  For whatever reason, gcc doesn't complain about this.

> b) - make check failure maybe related to my building on NFS shares:

This appears to either be an artifact of your build process.  Are
you running make in parallel mode (with -j)?

> C): Something new: after having run make check, make refuses to run.

In the past you've had problems with something removing bits of
your build dir. I don't think it was reproducible outside your build
script, was it?

Also, there should be no need to set LIBPATH, libtool should handle
that for you.  It's always possible that libtool is not being
generated correcly or has some bug with non-GNU tools.

 - todd

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