[sudo-workers] Error/Warning word in visudo output

Tomas Sykora tosykora at redhat.com
Mon Feb 27 07:46:55 MST 2017

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On Tue, 21 Feb 2017 11:00:11 -0700, "Todd C. Miller" wrote:

> By definition, in strict mode there are no warnings--everything is
> an error.  My reasoning was that since you know whether you are
> runing in strict mode or not, the warning vs. error prefix was
> extraneous.  I'm willing to be convinced otherwise, though.

Actually, this is no longer true.  The "unused alias" warning is
always a warning, even in strict mode.  This was changed in 2014
in response to RedHat bugzilla #604297.

> I also had some trouble deciding where the warning/error text would
> go now that the message includes file and line number information.
> Perhaps it is simplest to just replace the "visudo:" prefix with
> "Warning:" or "Error:".

This is what I ended up doing.

 - todd

Great, thank you for your work!


Tomas Sykora
Security Technologies, 
Red Hat Inc.

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