[sudo-workers] Hello

Michael Felt michael at felt.demon.nl
Tue Jan 24 05:10:26 MST 2017

Just a quick note to say "hello", and introduce myself.

Name: Michael Felt
*nix: AIX

I do not actually use sudo. However, many people do and I am providing 
an alternate packaging
as aixtools.sudo.*

Yes, I learned (today) that the sudo project is an exception and also 
provides packaging (via mkpkg)
for AIX and other platforms. Applause to you!

However, I shall continue to do my own packaging (in particular, for 
those not so lucky to be able
to build their own packages) - and my comments will be mainly about 
packaging 'surprises'.

If you have any questions about how AIX sees things - I have a few 
decades experience with UNIX and AIX
and will share my 2-cents if asked.



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